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Window 10 CompatibleThe Free Random Name Generator is a fun app using which one can create random names within no time. It can be used to create profiles on various websites without revealing one?s identity. Apart from this, it is a great source of information for all those who wish to know about names being used in other countries. This is an easy to use tool that can be downloaded onto any device that runs on Windows OS, notwithstanding the version. The file size is small and hence, does not eat up the disk space. Users need not worry about any harmful viruses as well as this is a clean tool. It takes only a few minutes for the installation and once this is accomplished, users can start with the name generation. There are quite a few options when it comes to the actual software. The first choice is if users wish to specify the gender. Secondly, they can choose first names, middle names and last names individually. The Free Random Name Generator lets users select the country as well so that the names are specific. When all the options have been chosen, a name is generated and displayed. Should users wish to change any part of it; the same can be done by going back to the options. Apart from the names, this freeware even lets them come up with random addresses and phone numbers. All it takes is basic computer knowledge and anyone can make the most of this tool. The user interface is quite straight forward and the design is basic. There are no complex settings and within no time, users will get a name of their liking. The Free Random Name Generator has an impressive response time with no instances of any delays.

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